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Pre-Puppy or Pre-Adoption Starter Session

Prepare yourselves

In person or remote session covering the essentials of a new puppy or rescue dog. I can also advise on how to find the right breed, breeder or rescue centre. 

Puppies need a socialisation plan, a sleep routine, appropriate play and consistent handling.

Rescue dogs need a plan in place to help them habituate and grow confident in their new life with you. 

Choose this service if you have decided to get a dog and would like to know the essentials. 

Service provided face-to-face or via video call. This session can vary depending on your needs and questions. Prices include a follow-up report containing all discussion points and recommendations. 


Sit down only; £75 for 90 minutes

Including training or pet shop visit; £100 for two hours

Pre-Puppy Starter Session: Services
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