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Private Dog

Building your own skillset

Private tuition in and around your home to either work on specific behavior concerns, or to learn how to communicate with and get the best from your dog. 

Choose this service if you would like to build your knowledge and confidence in working with your dog. 


Pay per session - £65 per 60-minute session

Four sessions - £240 (£60 per session)*
Six sessions - £330 (£55 per session)
Eight sessions - £400 (£50 per session)

Over eight sessions - £45 per additional session

Programme details

  • Free initial discovery call to discuss your priorities

  • Recommendation of which number of sessions is appropriate

  • Your weekly slot held until you are confident to continue independently (*with four+ sessions)

  • Home Training activities to build on training sessions

  • Post-package support relative to the number of sessions


Please note, this is not a quick fix to a perfect dog. We will cover how to build the foundations of desirable behaviours, and problem solve concerns. However, you will need to continue the work we start together through to consolidation.

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