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Puppy Train & Tuition

Building Strong Foundations

Private tuition in and around your home. Learn how to introduce new experiences and address the key concerns that come with a new puppy. 

Choose this service if you would like to set your puppy up for a confident and responsive future. 


Pay per session - £65 per 60-minute session
Four sessions - £240 (£60 per session)*
Six sessions - £330 (£55 per session)
Eight sessions - £400 (£50 per session)

Over eight sessions - £45 per additional session

Programme details

  • Free initial discovery call to discuss your priorities

  • Recommendation of which number of sessions is appropriate

  • Your weekly slot held until you are confident to continue independently (*with four+ sessions)

  • Home Training activities to build on training sessions

  • Post-package support relative to the number of sessions


Please note, this is not a quick fix to a perfect puppy. We will introduce important elements of socialisation, how to build the foundations of desirable behaviours, and problem solve concerns.

However, a puppy is a lot of work every day, and you will need to continue the work we start together through to adulthood. 

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