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White shepherd dog

Walk & Train

Putting Your Dog First

Lead-based or off-lead training session & walk combined.

These programmes work on behaviours your dog displays outside of the home via one-to-one professional training directly with your dog.

Programmes can help with lunging, distractions, fearful responses, not coming back when off-lead and many more.

Choose this service if you would like to work towards more relaxed lead or off-lead walking with your dog.


Six sessions - £330 (£55 per session)

Eight sessions - £400 (£50 per session)

Over eight sessions - £45 per additional session

Programme details:

  • Free initial discovery call to discuss current behaviour

  • Recommendation on programme type

  • Home Training activities to build on training sessions

  • Your weekly slot held until you are confident to continue independently

  • One session is an extended Owner Input (60-90 minutes)

  • 'How to develop' report at the end of the programme

  • Two to four months post-programme support


Please note, this is not a quick fix and I am unable to guarantee total resolution of behaviours within the agreed programme. There will be improvement and we will work closely together to determine at which stage you are able to continue resolving the behaviour independently. 

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