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Four core values which guide my work:

Understanding and appreciation

Every human, every animal and every family are unique and deserve to be treated with understanding and empathy. Most families requiring help with training were just looking for companionship from their pup; not a project.

I take the time to listen to the needs of both you and your dog, and tailor my approach accordingly to provide you with your bespoke training needs.

Science-backed training methods

As a qualified Positive Reinforcement Training (PRT) Dog Trainer, I use science-backed methods to train dogs. These focus on rewarding positive behaviour rather than punishing negative behaviour, effectively rewiring your dog's brain. 

This approach creates a relationship-boosting and successful learning environment for dogs and avoids the unpredictable outcomes that can come from use of punishment, such as growling, biting and fear.


I am committed to sustainable business practices that minimise my impact on the environment, and take this commitment further by working to help other trainers and guardians understand the many ways we can lower our pets' impacts on the planet, without compromising on their joy and welfare.

My sustainable business practices include using eco-friendly products, reducing waste and supporting other small businesses. It also resulted in this carbon-considered website, which uses less of the energy you pay for to power your machine than other similar-sized websites!


We are fortunate to have a wealth of pet professionals in our local area. I will always refer clients on when their needs will be best met by a colleague in a different business. 

As my priority is to the success of you and your dog, a willingness to collaborate locally ensures I meet this. In particular, if your dog requires specific diagnostic support from a behavioural, veterinary, nutrition or pain-perspective, I have trusted and established colleagues I can refer onto, or work with. 

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More about Phili, the Trainer behind Green Paw:

A Unique Approach to Pet Dog Training

I have a slightly different approach to pet dog training, inspired by my experience of working with guide dogs for 
over 10 fascinating and educational years.

Unleashing the Potential of Partnership

When it comes to training guide dogs, we’ve seen that separating the human and dog partners during the initial learning can work wonders. By teaching them their own set of skills before working together as a team, we ensure that both halves of the partnership don’t hit the dip in their learning curve confidence at the same time. This increases the chances of the training sticking and leading to long-term success.

Maximising Your Success

At Green Paw, I’ve implemented this proven approach into all my training programs. Whether you choose the Walk & Train program, where I train your dog directly, or opt for Private Tuition, which involves working with you and your dog together, rest assured that I always separate your dog’s learning curve from your own. By doing so, I aim to maximise your success and ensure a stronger bond between you and pup.

Kindness, Compassion, and Sustainability at the Core

Another aspect that’s important to me is truly embedding sustainability throughout my business. Modern dog training methods prioritise kindness, compassion and sustainability; so it makes perfect sense to me that my business practices would follow the same path. Every decision I make around transport, materials, uniform and much more, are based on options that will leave the lightest footprint on our environment.

Nurturing Resilience

Just as nurturing a sapling leads to a resilient tree, nurturing your pet as a whole animal leads to a happy, healthy, and resilient dog.

Let’s Begin Your Journey

If this sounds like the type of journey you would like to undertake, I would love to help you cultivate your dog and bond in a whole new way. Use the buttons below to take a look at how we can work together ⇓

She oozes fun and kindness

“Phili is professional and kind beyond all expectations. Leaving my dogs for first time ever in 15 years with someone else is like leaving my babies in preschool! I shouldn’t have worried, my boys love Phili, they know she oozes fun and kindness and will look after them. I highly recommend her services. In fact I’m going to go out more! Thanks Phili“


Training, Qualifications & Memberships

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