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Mission Statement

We're not just about training dogs, we're on a mission to make a positive impact on the planet too. 

We've been looking into the many ways we can reduce our pets' impact on the environment without making life complicated. Our focus is on keeping things simple, effective, and eco-friendly.

We believe in training and raising your dog using methods that are good for them and for the environment. From using friendly training techniques to choosing eco-friendly products, we're all about creating a happier, healthier world for pets and people.

By supporting local businesses, cutting down on waste and promoting sustainability, we aim to show that responsible and earth-friendly dog training can be the new normal. 

Join us on this exciting journey where every pawprint counts towards a cleaner, greener future for our dogs and our planet.

Grow with Green Paw. Grow your Training. Grow your Understanding. Grow your Bond.