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A pale brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier with their tongue hanging out



Available across the UK

The Pre-Adoption Starter Session is perfect for you if you are:


Looking to give a dog a home

Whether you're actively looking, or you have already found your future family member


Committed to meeting their needs

Learn the essentials of creating a loving and supportive environment for your adoptee


Eager for things to start right

Get ready to welcome your new pet with confidence and knowledge


Ready to build a lifelong bond

Lay the foundation for a strong connection through effective training and understanding

Realistic, logical and thought provoking advice

“We had a pre-puppy/rescue advice session with Phili, as we are looking to rescue a puppy in the new year. 

She gave us some realistic, logical and thought provoking advice, which made us challenge our choices to that point, in a positive way. We came away feeling empowered to make the right choices for our family, lifestyle and aspirations with a new pet. 

We were given breed advice, interesting and crucial information about the dogs' age, temperament, and history when rescuing, which we hadn't considered prior to our discussion. 

I would thoroughly recommend Phili, as we have been able to settle on a decision, as a family. A truly positive experience!


£75 for 90-minutes  
£100 for 2-hours, including a Pet Shop Visit*  

Standard 90-minute Pre-Adoption Starter Sessions can be provided face-to-face locally, or via a remote video call nationally. 

This service can vary depending on your needs and questions; I have a series of questions to determine what information you need, or it can be run as a Q&A where you get the chance to ask an expert everything you need to know. 

The price includes a follow-up report containing all discussion points and personalised recommendations, plus my key advice for new pet owners. 

*Including a local Pet Shop Visit is only available within 8 miles of RG7 3RD. This 2-hour extended session allows us to explore and discuss the equipment you need to settle in your new addition. Please send me an email if you'd like the 2-hour version.

Grow with Green Paw. Grow your Training. Grow your Understanding. Grow your Bond.

Book your Pre-Adoption Starter Session here: