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A Doberman with a tail and floppy ears lying in the grass with their tongue out



... in Burghfield, near Mortimer, Theale & surrounding areas

Our 'How to Train Your Dog' Classes are perfect for those who:


Enjoy a friendly learning environment

Join our group classes for a fun experience that strengthens the bond between you and your pup


Want to understand their dog

Delve into the "why" behind your dog's behaviour and learn strategies to bring about change


Have 15-minutes a day

These classes are to learn to work with your dog, and this means practicing at home


Have a dog aged 6 months or older

These classes are perfect for training dogs from 6 months to 10 years+!

The ideal balance of theory and understanding

“We attended both the Puppy classes and How to Train Your Dog classes with our <1 year old Lab Albie. Despite his best efforts from the start to disrupt everyone's learning, Phili expertly adjusted space in the facilities to ensure his, and the other dogs, needs were met and through this we were able to make excellent progress throughout the weeks. Albie absolutely loved going to these sessions, and we as first time puppy owners loved it more, the ideal balance of theory and understanding for us to absorb and know why we were practicing methods, along with the activities to practice and develop Albie's learning. All delivered at a pace and language that was accessible to all levels. Would recommend these sessions to anyone with a puppy or dog looking to learn how to train and enrich the relationships. Thank you Phili!”



Small training classes at Burghfield Village Hall on Monday evenings. Full details in the Information Pack below ⇓

Unlike standard dog training classes, this course goes beyond basic obedience and focuses on key training methods and communication that will help you understand your dog's behaviour and respond to their needs. Whether you want to teach your dog new tricks, make your life easier, or simply strengthen your relationship with your dog, this course is for you. 

Grow with Green Paw. Grow your Training. Grow your Understanding. Grow your Bond.

2024 Dates:
Monday 15th Jan to 26th Feb inclusive (SOLD OUT)
Monday 3rd June to 15th July inclusive (SOLD OUT)
Monday 9th Sept to 28th Oct inclusive (minus 7th Oct)
Monday 11th Nov to 16th Dec inclusive

Use the button below to download an information pack for full details on class contents, training methodology, and code of practice ⇓

Information Pack - Classes.pdf
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Book your dog's place here:
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