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A tiny Bassett Hound puppy lies on a pale surface looking at the camera



Available across the UK

The Pre-Puppy Starter Session is perfect for you if you are:


Planning to add a puppy to your life

Whether you're still looking, or you have already found your bundle of fluff


Committed to meeting their needs

Learn the essentials of creating a loving and supportive environment for your puppy


Eager for things to start right

Get ready to establish your puppy's new routines with confidence and knowledge


Ready to build a lifelong bond

Lay the foundation for a strong connection through effective training and understanding

The pre-puppy starter session was invaluable

“We have never had a dog before and the pre-puppy starter session was invaluable. The Pet Shop visit gave us one-to-one advice on what we needed to get before our puppy came home and helped us to make the right choices when faced with so many different options. This included advice on bedding, food brands, bowls, safe treats, suitable toys, leads and harnesses. 

We would recommend that those new to puppy ownership do the same.


£75 for 90-minutes  
£100 for 2-hours, including a Pet Shop Visit*  

Standard 90-minute Pre-Puppy Starter Sessions can be provided face-to-face locally, or via a remote video call nationally. 

This service can vary depending on your needs and questions; I have a series of questions to determine what information you need, or it can be run as a Q&A where you get the chance to ask an expert everything you need to know. 

The price includes a follow-up report containing all discussion points and personalised recommendations, plus my key advice for new pet owners. 

*Including a local Pet Shop Visit is only available within 8 miles of RG7 3RD. This 2-hour extended session allows us to explore and discuss the equipment you need to settle in your new addition. Please send me an email if you'd like the 2-hour version.

Grow with Green Paw. Grow your Training. Grow your Understanding. Grow your Bond.

Book your Pre-Puppy Starter Session here: