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A mastiff puppy watches from a man's arms



... in Mortimer, Burghfield, Tadley, Theale & surrounding areas

The Puppy Social Programme is perfect for you if you are:


About to welcome a puppy into your home

Their primary socialisation window is between 3 and 14 weeks, after this we move to gentle exposure


Aiming to have a confident adult dog

A puppy who lacks experience with the world will find many things, that we consider normal, concerning or scary


Unsure how to get socialisation right

There's so much misinformation online, not to mention confusion about what 'socialisation' really means


Committed to meeting your pup's needs

Learn the essentials of creating a loving and supportive environment for your puppy to thrive in

Phili helped us understand our puppy

“Phili helped provide training for our Labrador puppy from 12 weeks. Our dog on her first walks was nervous of cars, pulling on the lead, difficult when putting her harness on, jumpy etc. Phili helped us understand our puppy and taught us ways to encourage her to repeat the behaviours that we wanted, and to prepare her for adulthood

We learned a lot and our pup also adored Phili coming over to our house. We will be booking some more lessons very soon.”


Pay per session - £69 per 60-minute session 
Three sessions* - £195
Four sessions* - £250 

The first session can take place any time from the week prior to them coming home, to when they are 12 weeks old. This session is more for the humans! We go over the fundamentals of what socialisation really means, and how to best socialise your pup for your life together. This session includes a personalised 'Socialisation Plan'. If you'd like me to help achieve your key goals identified in this plan, you can book a group of sessions and I can safely truly socialise your puppy (get them used to real life events and lifestyle requirements) either directly, or coaching you through the harder sessions - such as introducing them to a busy high street or public transport safely. 

Grow with Green Paw. Grow your Training. Grow your Understanding. Grow your Bond.

*Prices are for block bookings, please see my Terms & Conditions for details on how payment works. All Training Programmes start with an Initial Visit (£69) and can be converted to a block booking at this visit or in the week following. 

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